APD Team

Head Instructor

Aryanna, APD Studio owner and head instructor

Aryanna (Arianna Candido) is a 30 years old Italy-based pole performer and athlete. She started pole dancing on her own in August 2010, counting on her passion and attitude for dance and her 13 year background in classic ballet and modern dance. Aryanna went through hip-hop and latin dance but absolutely nothing amazed her like watching so extremely fit and sensual women on their heels moving like butterflies upon their poles.

It was love at first “touch” and from then she started being trained internationally and taking classes with international pole stars so as to maintain international quality standards.

She believes pole dancing is the most complete and challenging form of female body work out she has ever tried.
For her pole dance is fun and helps in building self-confidence and sensuality.

Beside being a full-time employee she is founder and head instructor of her Aryanna Pole Dance Studio, where she started her own signature pole dance courses, dancing and teaching in her own personal style. She is proud to be the first Italian pole dancer and teacher ever to bring, to teach, to dance and to promote in Italy “Stripper Style” pole dance, also known as Exotic pole dance, by promoting the use of heels in pole dance practice. For this reason she is now considered as an example by many of her colleagues who invites her to teach workshops in their studios and take inspiration from her original and sensual style from all over the places.

Beside being an International Champion and a European Pole Sport Judge (C1 category) she has been on the regular in competitions since 2012.
(See this page to find out more).

Since June 2013 Aryanna has been working with worldwide famous photographer Don Curry as his Business Manager for Italy and Eastern Europe area.

Teaching assistant

Ilaria is a pole dancer with a rocking attitude.

Ilaria, APD Studio pole dance teacher assistant

Ilaria, APD Studio pole dance teacher assistant

She likes Pleasers and glitters as well as hair flicking moves.

She first started pole dancing attending Aryanna’s classes, in March 2012, and a year after she started being trained by her for becoming an APD instructor.

In 2013 she has been selected as one of the 10 Beginner level pole dancers from all over Italy after entering the Italian PoleGymnastics Championship, in Rome.

She is still being trained by Aryanna and now teaches Basix Level pole dance classes at APD Studio.


Aryanna is searching for passionate, sexy and talented pole dance professionals to become part of APD team in new APD Studios in Italy and all over the world.

She is searching for:

– pole dance instructors (different styles)
– pole dancer who want to be trained as instructors following Aryanna’s style
– aerial arts instructors (tissue, hoop, antigravity yoga..)
– contorsionism instructors
– general assistants

Submit your application, I can’t wait to know you and work with you! ❤

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