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It thought it was easy, but it’s not. That’s why I can’t simply translate what I wrote about me on my official Italian page. What I’ll do is just writing it again. This time in English.

My name is Aryanna and I’m 30 years old.

I’m a pole dancer since August 2010; I’m a happy self-taught one, beacause in my place there was no pole dancing course to attend.
My pole dance course in September 2011 was the very first.


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When people ask me how did you start pole dancing? I can’t really find an answer. I guess I was searching for some dance videos and I literary bumped into the pole dance experience.
I saw extremely fit and beautiful women floating in the air, moving elegantly some in their heels some with bare foot and I thought: that is what I will become. I’ve been dancing ballet and modern jazz for 13 years. I went through latin dances and hip hop too.

But this, this is the most complete form of female body work out I have ever tried.
It’s a challenge with your limits, your fears and your constant thought are you crazy? I’ll never manage to do it! but then you will.
With time and practice.

Pole dance is fun and help you building your self-confidence. And most of all it’s sexy. Oh shit! Yes it is.

Pole dancing is fitness.
Pole dancing is movement.
Pole dancing is grace.
Pole dancing is female.
Pole dancing is me.

I regularly teach 5 evenings  a week in my Studio where I have started my own signature pole dance courses, trying to dance and teach in my own personal style.

I am proud to be the first Italian pole dancer and teacher ever to bring, to teach, to dance and to promote in Italy Stripper Style pole dance, also known as Exotic pole dance.

I am proud to be considered as an example by many of my colleagues who regulary invite me to teach workshops in their studios and take inspiration from my original and sensual style.

Aryanna, Floorwork. Shot by Don Curry.

Aryanna, Floorwork pose. Shot by Don Curry.


– Certified Pole Dancer Level 4 (Pole Dance Community)

– Vertical Dance Instructor training course

– European Pole Sport Judge, C1 category


– Competitor at European Pole Sport Championship, Doubles, September 2013, Prague

– Competitor at International Pole Sport Championship, Doubes, July 2013, London

– 3rd place at III Italian Pole Gymnastic Championship, Doubles, June 2013, Rome

– 1st  place at Italian Pole Dance Contest, Doubles, June 2013, Modena (ITA)

– Finalist at World Pole Sport Championship, Doubles, November 2012, Zurich

– 2nd  place at European PoleSport Championship 2012, Doubles, July 2012, Rome

– 1st  place at II Italian Pole Dance Championship, Doubles,  June 2012, Cesenatico (RI) Italy

– 1st  place at Italian Interregional Pole Dance Championship, Doubles,  May 2012

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Aryanna is proud for having been chosen by Don Curry as his Business Manager – Italy area.

If you are the owner of a pole dance studio in Italy or if you are an Italian based pole dancer interested in having a signature pole dance photoshoot feel free to contact me for the whole organization.

I’ll be very happy to work with you.

My email: aryanna@donqphotography.com

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  1. redinkmind December 28, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    Hello, I do pole here in the Philippines. Its so nice reading your blog. All the love! 🙂

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