Aryanna has been asked to tour around to teach her signature’s pole dance workshops in many Italian studios but requests are being made more and more from all over the world too.

Aryanna is very pleased to teach you and your students her original dancing style.
She has been trained internationally and, no matter the country, she can teach the whole lesson in fluent English.

Below you will find a summary of her mainly requested whorkshops.
For inquiries about workshops pricing and terms & conditions, please write to


75 – 90 – 120 minutes

Learn Aryanna’s signature pole dance transitions in stripper style in this fun and sensual workshop.
Learn from # 1 Italian Stripper Style pole dancer the basics, how to walk, how to pirouette and move flawlessly from or to the floor. If you are a floorwork-addicted pole dancer this is the occasion you surely wouldn’t wanna miss.

Be ready to dance like the Woman you feel.

Wear anything makes you feel sensual, turn the lights down, bring your Stripper Heels in and be ready to move slinky and sexy.
High legwarmers and high platform heels are recommended.
Max 2 per pole; static or spinning pole.



75 – 90 – 120 minutes

This is a very special and unique workshop, focusing only on step-around and pirouette moves.
Usually, pole dance teachers show you how to step around when you first start pole dancing and,  a bit later, you’ll be teached how to pirouette around the pole.

I’ll teach you many techniques and different styles to perform your steps around and many styles of pirouettes, single and multiple pirouettes and turns and we will add lots of sexy transitions and some original spin in between them all.

Your dance will be smooth and flawless.
Be ready for this will turn your head away!

Static or spinning pole; barefeet or stripper heels on.

90 minutes

Aryanna will guide you to fluid movement and beautiful lines keeping you focused on the correct and safe technique to perform moves on the pole. Beside increasing your confidence and control on the pole she will also teach you how to be expressive in your dance.
This workshop is Beginner or Intermediate level.
Max 2 per pole; static or spinning pole.

Barefeet or stripper heels on.

75 minutes

This is the perfect way for pole dancing students around the world, of all skill levels, to bring a bit of sexy fun into their practice without needing a pole in their home.
Learn how to get stronger and sexy dancing with a chair.
Aryanna will teach you how to warm up and empower using the chair as a tool as well as dancing sensually around, under
and upon it.
This class will combine some floorwork too.
This is not your typical chair routine! With basic body movements and steps mixed with
and advanced combos requiring balance and poise, this routine truly keeps everyone challenged.
Long legwarmers and platform heels are recommended for this sexy workshop.


60 minutes

Aryanna is the first Italian pole dancer adding some booty moves in her dance. Her original dancing style led her to teach pole dance and twerkshops all over Italy. She struck worldwide famous video maker and photographer Don Curry who wanted her to feature in his last video work “Threesome” where she plays the part of a sexy pole dancer playing and dancing around.


Hips and Twerking moves require a high sense of muscles and body isolation and Aryanna can give you the key to master any sensual hip & twerking trick like:

– booty shake
– booty bounce
– booty wiggle
– booty pop
– hip circles
– hip 8
– bodywaves

Look at how she combines pole dancing and twerk & bootyshake.

To take part in TWERK 6 BOOTYSHAKE lessons or workshops with Aryanna please email aryannapoledance(at)

60 – 120 minutes

These private classes might cover technique or style & flow requests. You can either learn individually or share this lesson with another student.

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