Twerk & bootyshake

Aryanna is the first Italian pole dancer adding some booty moves in her dance.

Her original dancing style led her to teach pole dance and twerkshops all over Italy.

She struck worldwide famous video maker and photographer Don Curry who wanted her to feature in his last video work “Threesome” where she plays the part of a sexy pole dancer playing and dancing around.

Hips and Twerking moves require a high sense of muscles and body isolation and Aryanna can give you the key to master any sensual hip & twerking trick like:

– booty shake
– booty bounce
– booty wiggle
– booty pop
– hip circles
– hip 8
– bodywaves

Look at how she combines pole dancing and twerk & bootyshake.

To take part in TWERK 6 BOOTYSHAKE lessons or workshops with Aryanna please email aryannapoledance(at)

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