APD Classes

I have been teaching pole dance since two years. I regularly do it as a second job but it’s getting more and more involving and I hope to committ my whole daytime to this dear project.


My Pole dance studio is mainly based in Treviso. I’m working for the opening of more APD Studio all over Italy and I am often abroad to teach my Stripper Style pole dance workshops.

APD Studio offers dance and pole dance courses & special sessions.
Pole dance and Flexy & Floor courses are mainly technique-oriented and here you can learn the proper technique to work safely on the pole, beside learning tricks, spins, tranistions and original combos you won’t learn anywhere else apart from APD Studio.
  • Pole dance courses page
  • Flexy & Floor page
Sexy Chair and Stripper Style pole dance courses are mainly style-oriented, completing the technique side. You’ll learn to move sensually and flawlessly and gain self-confidence to rock that pole.
In both cases students are allowed to bring their heels in if they feel like only after gaining correct and safe movements technique.
I regularly offer Special Sessions, which are lessons or workshops focusing on specific aspects or situations. They include:
– Stripper Style pole dance (exotic dance)
– Hair flicks style
– Spin combos, pirouettes and turns
– Bootywork & Twerk
– PoleCoreography
– Floorwork
For further info, please visit this Workshops page.


I have been trained with an international method which gives me the possibilty to teach in English.
No matter if you are an Italian student or if you are a visitor from abroad, you will not be the first one to be taught by Aryanna.
Teaching pole dance classes in English  it’s a plus factor which outstands me from other Italian schools.
This is what students and visitors say about me:
Message from Nathalie

Message from Nathalie

Unkown visitor

Unkown visitor

aryanna by anna lena


I regularly organize pole dance teasers and workshops in other towns of Italy, too.

Feel free to contact me if you want to take part in a workshop or propose a cooperation outside Italy.


Maybe you are a bit too far from us, but you might be interested in taking online private lessons with me.

Here is what you need to have:

– a webcam;
– a lighted room;
– a pole;
– music you like:

If you prefer, we can make it through a skype connection, or just make a skype chat if you only some explaination on moves/spins/tricks/transition and so on.

Contact me for further information.


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