Pole dance & write with your heels

1 Jun

Believe it or not pole dancing requires study.

When you are ready to start be sure you have paper, pen and then your favourite pair of heels.

This evening it’s rest day and I’m here trying to order my thoughts and my notes as well.

Yes, my pole dance notes.

Pole dance is understanding movements, identifying points of contact btw skin and pole, isolating engaged muscles and learn how to control them all. Pole dance is reasoning, logic, control.

On my table plenty of papers where I took notes after my international workshop with Miss Austin. A kind of uncategorized wishlist, moves to learn, moves to try; moves I’ll categorize and teach  myself and then  my girls. 

A reasoned moves-spin-tricks list sounding like  a coreography, that, I know,  I’m not going to follow.

Study is good but improvisation is better.

So, believe me, learn first and then dance.

Feel the music and let yourself go. You’re ready to pole.

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