Lots of Pole Things and Theories

13 Jul

Some evenings you start pole dancing with no hope. Beacause you’re tired from yesterday lessons, ’cause you try to figure out on which corner of your skin next bruise will come out tomorrow, ’cause you think there are too many tricks left you’re not able to do yet.
Still yesterday evening was a pole-successfull one. My friend Dani from Shanghai asked me “ehy Ary can you shoot a corkscrew tutorial for me?” And that’s what I did. I started video shooting, I started laughing adn expressing my Pole Dance corkscrew theory: baseball grip, hips to the right, hips to the left, outside leg, inside arm.. If you are a poledancer you know what I mean.

I left webcam on and forgot about it. I went thorugh tricks and moves I hadn’t planned: inverted tigh hold, aerial chopper, aerial scorpio, scorpio to jamilla, a kind of “biked” pole sit, advanced plank bracket grip which turned into a c.a.r.-similar something. And, of course, corkscreweees until I was exhausted. Some of them I already know how to perform well some of them I just practiced, with impressive outcome.

I Love Pole Dance.

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