New to pole dance? Join us at Pole Dance Basix.

26 Dec

New Pole dance Basix course in Treviso, Venice

If you are curious about pole dancing and want to give it a try join us at the newbies course I have named Pole Dance Basix.

Start: January 17th.
Free lesson: January 14th, 11.00 a.m. at Academy Fit Club, Via Terraglio 157, 31100 Treviso (Italy) – reservation required!-
Lessons every Tuesday, 9.40 – 10.40 p.m.

This course is designed for people with no experience in pole dancing. It’s a funny and sexy introduction to pole dance basics.
We’ll learn to walk around the pole with technique and style and some easy but impressive transitions both on the floor and around the pole. We’ll learn to move in time with the music you like.

Bring your heels in and.. get confidence with your pole!
What are you waiting for?

Contact me for info.

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