Aryanna @ World Pole Sport Championships London 2013

18 Jul

Aryanna 4 Italy Pole Sport Team; “V fingers” dedicated to lovely Don Curry Ph.

Here we are with my partecipation @ World Pole Sport Championships 2013 in London.
Tomorrow me and Sonia, my pole “double”, will be flying to London for our Preliminaries in Mixed Doubles category.

Challenging and tough question! There will be other 126 couples coming from
all over the world fighting for their place at finals, on 21st July.
Whatever the ending.. I’m so proud for this opportunity to play for Italy Team again, like last year in Zurich.

Come on Italy!

Enjoy this shot taken in Italy tracksuit, V fingers are for lovely Don Curry photographer.
Stay tuned for next free pole lesson girls and thanks for any kind of support. I truly appreciate.


Aryanna’ s pole dance 4 Michel 1Mill # Unleashed music video

24 Apr

My pole dance performance as per Michel 1Mill’s request to pole dance to its new piece.
Just a sensual and simple dance.

A screenshot from the video

A screenshot from the video

It was such a great fun (and many bruises on knees)!!!!
Tnx 4 watching.

Stripper style pole dance “Play” by Aryanna

10 Mar

A short clip of a warm up dance in high heels and stripper style.

I definitely love moving slinky and sexy.

Pole dancing makes me feel a Woman. Every time I Play.


StripperStyle pole dance practice. Routine to The End by Kings of Leon.

21 Jan

I wanted to practice pole dance for the last time before the end of 2012 but as soon as I realized it was too hot and slippy and that I would not succeed in inversions or climbs I decided to turn it into a Stripper Style pole dance warm up.

I am not allowed to wear heels in my apartment but I couldn’t resist and tried not to make too much noise but I restrained myself.
This is the full uncut video.

Apart from that I thought it would be nice sharing.
Hope you enjoy!


Aryanna pole play to Kings of Leon “I want you”

15 Oct

Among lessons and world championship training time I need to find some time for myself.

Some time to relax, some time for looking at me in front of the mirror and feel I am not only an athlete but a woman first of all.

So enjoy this video I took while practicing some sexy transitions, spins and flow.

European Pole Sport Championship, Aryanna gets “double” second place

6 Oct

Arianna Candido, second place @ European Pole Sport Championship 2012, “double” category

No word could ever express my happiness and my satisfaction when I heard behind that stage “Italy gets silver medal, thanks to its pole dancers Arianna Candido and Sonia Valerio!

I couldn’t believe we did it better than the young Russian couple and that we are just behind the World pole dance champions Hungarian pole couple.

One of the most takebreathing experience of my (pole) life!

Thanks everybody helps me make this little dream come true every day, little by little.

And now it’s ime to meet @ World Pole Dance championship 2012 in Zurich!

Arianna Candido, second place @ European Pole Sport Championship 2012, “double” category

APD Sudio, new pole dance free lesson on 21st September

19 Sep

Hi everybody, here we are with another free pole dance lesson @ APD Studio.

Come and join us @ the first Pole Dance School in Veneto, near Venice and Treviso airports.

If you are searching for sensual fitness and fun this is the right place for you.

You will come back for more.

Next free lesson on 21st September, 09.30 p.m.

Aryanna in her sexy pole dance boots

Pole Dance Basix @ APD Studio, new start on September 8th 2012

19 Aug

Aryanna is back to Studio to prepare the new program for APD Basix Pole Dancers. You can come and try my pole dance lesson on September 8th @ Academy Fit Club, Via terraglio 154, 31100, Treviso (Italy) at 10.30 a.m.

Please write me an email (use the form contact) and tell me your name, age, place you come from, and your cell phone number, then wait for my written confirmation for you presence. I will explain to you how to prepare for our free lesson and how we will work out during 2012/13 year.

Besides pole dance courses you can join APD girls and attend my SpecialSessions where you can learn and practice SexyChair, SensualStripperStyle (SSS) and SexyFlexy.

Remember, APD Studio is international, no matter where you come from, you can attend my English lessons.

Pole Dance basix starts 21st September and will be held every Friday evening. I can’t wait to see you all!

Aryanna for UPA “Bring the sexy back week”

11 Jul

Here I am with my contribution to UPA (United Pole Artists) “Bring the Sexy back week”, to show off the true sexy side of pole dancing.

Pole dancing in the most feminine way you can think of: hips, heels, charme.. here we go!

Aryanna for Unites Pole Artist, “Bring the sexy back” week – July 2012

Pole dance new vids – heels practice

5 Jul

Tough moment for me and my girls.. after my Italian championships and titles I have won (I’ll talk to you later about that!) we are working on our pole dance routine we’ll perform during our evening show on July 28th.

We are all so excited!!

Shot from an APD video

So, I have never had enough time for me and my practice to be honest and I decided to post a short clip from a warm up in my fav heels, which was not meant to be published.

So..that’s a big present. ❤

In MyVids page you will also find a videostudy of suicide bak hook trick, which I really really love. It’s not perfect but soon will be.


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