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Pole dance at lunch break

27 Jun

A real pole dancer can’t wait to jump on a pole. We struggle with our limits and we finally manage to do the fantastic things we do and we are so proud of it that we need to demonstrate the world.

This is what happens every time I’m around, far from my tranining room, down in a street and see a pole. That’s what happens every time I spot a free pole on the bus just before people get on.

Actually it also happens on a give-way sign pole too. You’re walking and it’s there, right in front of you; it’s becoming nearer as you walk down the street. You’re finally there, feeling your hands to see if they’re dry enough to grip and there you go. Invert.

I can’t really help that.

Maybe,  I just don’t want to fight.

I’m a pole addicteeeeeeeeeed.

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