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First time “double” practice on my HIGHEST Heels ever. I couldn’t resist.. :)

10 Sep

Here is the link of a video I uploaded on Facebook after a morning practice in my highest heels ever.

I have to admit.. It was a challenge even for a Heels Master like me.



I’m waiting for you @ Pole dance Basix new classes, on Tuesday 8.30 p.m

To join us just write me an email to reserve your spot on the pole.
Classes will start very soon!



NewVid: beginner to intermediate pole dance clips

19 Jun

Hi there, in this new video you can find some transitions/moves/tricks/spins and combos from a beginner to an advanced level:
fairy jump to pirouette, carousel spin to pirouett to back hook spin to pirouette, jumped back hook, fan kick, buttefly handstand, reverse grab attitude, inverted v, scorpio, gemini panthera, shoulder mount, shoulder v, cross knee release.
Video shootings were not meant to be published at the beginning but since I’ve started teaching pole dance I thought some clips will be useful to my girls.

And to all pole dancers all over the world as well.


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